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Membership is open to all who support the objectives and ideals of APISA. Both individuals and associations are eligible for membership. Membership categories are:


Individual membership


  • Full membership is open to all scholars, professionals and policymakers who have postgraduate or advanced training in political science, international relations and related disciplines. Full members have voting rights.
  • Student membership is open to graduate and undergraduate students with an interest in Asian politics and international studies. Student members have no voting rights.
  • Honorary membership accorded to those recognized by APISA for their lifetime achievements. Honorary members have no voting rights.


Institutional membership is open to institutions that support the objectives of APISA. Institutional members are allowed to vote but are limited to only one vote which would be expressed by its authorized delegate.


Annual Membership Fees (2021)


  • Full: USD 50
  • Student: USD 30
  • Student (reduced): USD 15*
  • Premium Membership - Full Membership for individuals for two years: USD 80
  • Institutional Pemium - Membership for 5 students and 5 faculty members for two years: USD 400
  • Institutional Superior - Membership for 5 students and 5 faculty members for one year: USD 250
  • Institutional  Silver - Membership for 3 students and 3 faculty members for two years: USD 250
  • Institutional Basic - Membership for 3 students and 3 faculty members for one year: USD 150


* For students from South and Southeast Asian countries.


We use PayPal for online payments.


Membership starts on the day of payment.


Only academics who are members of the Association are entitled to receive APISA Grants and Fellowships. Members are also entitled to discounts on registration and hotel accommodation for activities organized by APISA. In addition, members will also enjoy the benefits in the form of receiving information regarding workshops, conferences and affiliated publications.




Registration and membership payment are available online.






Registered individuals and institutions are required to pay their membership fees in due time in order to be considered members of the association.




Membership fees are non-refundable. We do not issue any membership certificates. Your PayPal receipt serves as proof of membership.


APISA Secretariat 2021