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APISA offers a variety of different scholarly programs and services:




Annual (Biennial) Congress


The Congress is the grandest event of the organization. Its main activity is academic in nature, and focuses on paper presentations in specific panels and workshops. It is also a forum for the Business Meeting where the Executive Secretary of APISA presents his/her annual report and takes cognizance of feedback and resolutions that determine policy direction. Finally, the Congress endorses the democratically elected Executive Committee which also finds it expedient to meet and deliberate on policy issues.  <more ...>




Professional Capacity Building


APISA invites applications for participation as APISA Fellow in the Professional Capacity Building Workshop. The invitation is restricted to lecturers and researchers resident in Asia. Preference will be given to candidates who are mid-level or senior academic managers at either the faculty of department level, especially those working in regional or provincial universities. Due consideration will also be given to the issue of gender. In the selection process, APISA members will be accorded priority although anyone qualified can apply.  <more ...>






APISA workshops are usually conducted over a period of two days. Proceedings from these workshops are often released as an edited book by a renowned academic publishing house. The workshop content must reflect an attempt to generate theoretical knowledge. Scholars are invited to bid for a Workshop. There is no deadline for submission of proposals.  <more ...>




Research Programs


APISA hosts several reserach programs, which are designed to institutionalize research activities in Asia-related social sciences throughout Asia. Currently, there are seven programs:





APISA research programs should provide ample opportunity to Asia scholars to associate with colleagues from their own and from other countries in the pursuit of their research. Membership of research programs is open to all individual and institutional members of APISA.  <more ...>





Publication Services


APISA offers a variety of opportunities to publish research findings of its members. Currently, there are three publishing series in cooperation with renowned publishing house Palgrave/Macmillan:




APISA also offers members of the association to publish their scholarly work in one of its endorsed journals (including SSCI and SCOPUS ranked publications). Endorsed journals have been long-term partners of APISA. Members of the Executive Committees are either on their editorial boards or among their editors. Currently, there are five endorsed journals:







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