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APISA Executive Committee (2015-2017)

Dr. Brendan Howe (President)

Ewha Womans University, South Korea

Dr. Julio Teehankee (Executive Secretary)

De La Salle University, Philippines

Dr. Paul Chambers

Institute of Southeast Asian Affairs,

affiliated with Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Dr. Napisa Waitoolkiat

Naresuan University, Thailand

Dr. Mark R. Thompson

City University of Hong Kong, China

Dr. Christian Schafferer

Overseas Chinese University, Taiwan

Dr. N. Ganesan

Hiroshima Peace Institute, Japan

Dr. Darryl Jarvis

Hong Kong Institute of Education, China

Dr. Rosalie Arcala Hall

University of the Philippines

Dr. Satoh Haruko

Osaka School of International Public Policy

Osaka University, Japan

APISA Secretariat 2014