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APISA Eminent Persons Group

Dr. Amitav Acharya

School of International Service,

American University, Washington, DC

Dr. Ian Holiday

The University of Hong KOng

Dr. Neera Chandoke

University of Delhi, India

Dr. Colin Durkop


Dr. M. Ramesh

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore

Dr. Toshiya Hoshino

Osaka School of International Public Policy, Japan

Dr. N. Ganesan

Hiroshima Peace Institute, Japan

Guidelines Membership Eminent Persons Group

The APISA Eminent Persons Group is composed of individuals who have been bestowed the honor by the Executive Committee in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the promotion and development of the Association. Among other functions, the Group shall serve as an advisory body to the Executive Committee. The Committee may seek the individual or collective recommendations of the Group.


The roster of the Eminent Persons Group shall consist of individuals who have been duly nominated and elected by a majority of the Executive Committee. The following are eligible for election to the Eminent Persons Group:

Founding members, former APISA presidents and former members of the Executive Committee;

  • Individuals who have significantly contributed to the funding and/or organization of two or more APISA Congresses; and,
  • Outstanding academics, scholars, and practitioners recognized in the field of political science, international studies, and allied disciplines.
  • Benefits

Members of the APISA Eminent Persons Group shall be provided the following:

  • Lifetime membership and exemption from paying the Association’s annual membership fees; and,
  • Waiver of registration fees in all activities or conferences organized by the Association.


  • Serve as the exemplary models of the Association;
  • Individually or collectively recommends to the Executive Committee, strategies  that will advance the Association;
  • Advise the Association regarding networking and funding opportunities.


The Executive Committee may opt to delist members who do not fulfill the responsibilities of the Eminent Persons Group.

APISA Secretariat 2017